Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AdJuggler, Inc. ("AdJuggler") is an application service and managed hosting provider, based in Alexandria, VA. The Company currently provides two primary application services. Its ad serving services deliver Internet advertisements to end-users on behalf of Internet portals and publishers, while its collaborative intranet service provides consumers and enterprise employees with email, calendaring, discussion threads, and remote document management.

AdJuggler's privacy policy addresses our use, storage, security, and dissemination of information collected from or provided by individual users and consumers.

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  1. No personal information is used by AdJuggler to deliver Internet advertisements, email, or other related Internet communication files.
    AdJuggler does not use name, address, email address, phone number, or other personal information to deliver Internet advertisement, email, or other Internet communication files. AdJuggler does gather (and temporarily stores as client cookies) information about your web browser and your web surfing to determine the most relevant advertisements to deliver to your browser. Information related to a user's browser is deleted at the end of each session, or, if the user elects to streamline future sign-on, user ID information is archived in the cookie.
  2. Personal information voluntarily provided to AdJuggler is not distributed to third-parties without the expressed consent of the user.
    Personal information, such as name, address, telephone number, and other information typically provided during user registration, is not and will not be distributed to third-parties without the formal consent of the user. Under no circumstances does AdJuggler distribute users' personal or corporate financial information. On occasion, AdJuggler may publicly or privately disclose to requesting advertisers and merchant partners demographic information about the Company's user and enterprise base. In these instances, AdJuggler does provide information, only in aggregate, yet never divulging personal information, such as name, address, email address, telephone number, etc. about specific individual users.
  3. Personal and enterprise data stored and transmitted on behalf of its service users is protected from unwanted physical and network access.
    AdJuggler utilizes a multi-level network security approach to protect unwanted access to user data and third-party sites. This approach includes firewall and other advanced software security systems, application password algorithms and permission systems, automated virus detection, and support for encrypted transmission to SSL-enabled sites and pages. Likewise, AdJuggler's data center is designed, built, and operated to minimize access by unauthorized individuals and to negate the impact of power outages, climate disruptions, and other acts of God that could potentially jeopardize the privacy of individual or corporate user information.

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